Amsterdam Catalogue of Csound Computer Instruments

                                                ACCCI v1.1,  June 1995

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            C Catalogue of
           C   Csound
          C     Computer
         I       Instruments

                                                  (c) J.-P. Gather, 1995


01Basic Instruments
02Additive Synthesis, Same Units
03Additive Synthesis, Different Units
10Random Number Generation
15Karplus/Strong Algorithm
20FM Synthesis
33Amplitude Modulation
45FOF Synthesis
50Subtractive Synthesis
60Phase Vocoder Analysis/Synthesis
80Other Instruments
88Wave Table Generation
The ACCCI includes approximately 100 documented SWSS instruments, amongst which all of Risset's 25 Bell Lab Catalogue instruments and ca. 75 other instruments focussing on various aspects of Software Sound Synthesis (SWSS). All instruments have been programmed adopting one style, with strong emphasis on documentation and transparency. The corpus of instruments is systematically subdivided into a hierarchy of main groups and subgroups according to synthesis technique or topic.

Internet Version of the ACCCI

This is the chopped-up version of a printed catalogue (see below), ported to different computing environments. It is destined to facilitate study on sound synthesis, in particular for those people who are in posession of a book version of my catalogue and for all other students and amateurs of Software Sound Synthesis. All programs are ready to run with the SWSS package Csound.

I have included discussions and flowcharts of the ACCCI book version in this distribution. The graphics are in Encapsulated Postscript format (.eps files) and can be printed or viewed on any device capable of understanding the Postscript language. By printing out all information, it is possible to obtain an 'open' version of the ACCCI. This is desirable for those persons who wish to use my catalogue as a basis for further investigations, thus enabling them to insert their own documented instruments at the appropriate place in the catalogue. Thus the ACCCI would bring forth local variants of growing complexity and wealth. The introduction in the subdirectory 'TEXT' contains specifics on the organization of the catalogue.

Book Version of the ACCCI

You can purchase a book version of the catalogue. Great care has been taken to present all information pertaining to particular instruments at a glance: orchestras, scores, flowcharts and discussions on adjacent pages. Contact the author for more information.
Author:   John P Gather          
          Kaiserswerther Str. 29
          40878 Ratingen